• Higher Secondary Education

    Higher Secondary Education

    The school has made academic expansions in grades 11 and 12 for the academic session of 2019 in collaboration with Pacific Hospitality and Culinary Academy. It is providing world-class higher secondary education in hotel management, computer science, travel, and tourism. The school’s grade 11 and 12 program offers:

    -Courses on the prescribed curriculum by the CDC, Nepal
    -Career-building programs
    -Training, internships, and placements
    -Qualified faculties
    -Global Networking and Alumni
    -overall personal development

    Exposure to the international curriculum and vocational training Under this program, the school follows the prescribed curriculum and also emphasizes enhancing their skills and experience in hotel management, baristaing, culinary arts, computer software, and hardware so that they can be highly eligible for higher studies at any national or international university. They will also be able to get easy placements in any organization.

  • Earthquake Resistant School Buildings

    Earthquake Resistant School Buildings

    School has earthquake resistant pre-fabricated building in its primary block and earthquake resistant concrete building in its secondary block. Both the buildings have been recently constructed; after the earthquake of 2072 BS (2015 AD).

  • Academics/Curriculum


    We hold academics of paramount importance for Suryodaya Secondary Boarding School. We follow the prescribed core curriculum from the Curriculum Development Center (CDC), government of Nepal. Moreover, we also intend to follow other curricula based on international standards. The renowned cultural anthropologist of education, Margret Meade, said, “If children do not learn the way we teach, we must teach the way they learn.” Having taken this into consideration, we want to work more on it. Children in contemporary times learn best through digital learning, practical and experimental learning, and critical thinking. Our core philosophy of teaching and learning is therefore based on teaching our students through these methods to enhance, enrich, and aid in the retention of our students’ education. The commitment to teaching children in the ways they learn makes the education we offer not only modern and progressive but also superior to traditional methods of teaching and learning.

  • International Academic Cross-Cultural Exchange

    International Academic Cross-Cultural Exchange

    As the world becomes smaller and smaller through the internet and air travel, Suryodaya Secondary Boarding School is committed to facilitating international academic cross-cultural exchange. The exchange program provides an opportunity for our students and teachers to excel in our globalized world. The international academic cross-cultural exchange facilitates our students becoming global citizens, prepared to make Nepal and the world a better place. What we think is that students should not be equipped with glossy information from books but with visionary eyes to see the world they want to attain. International Academic cross-cultural exchange programs include:

    • Teacher and Student Exchange Program 
    • Regular teacher training by educational experts from various countries
    • German students from Heidelberg University in the rapport with Suryodaya complete their student teaching.
    • In the past, students and teachers have visited countries such as England, Australia, Denmark, Germany, China, and France. We actively seek and facilitate opportunities for students to travel and learn abroad. Furthermore, students and teachers from Australia, Japan, Germany, France, China, and the U.S.A. have visited our schools.
    • Internet pen-pal with students from around the world in the same class level
    • Time and again, volunteer students and teachers from abroad provide the service at school

  • Pre-Primary/Montessori School

    Pre-Primary/Montessori School

    Education begins at birth. But that gets inculcated later with nourishing teaching and learning habits. We offer pre-education that supports early creative exploration. Our pre-primary educators specialize in early childhood development. Pre-primary education offers an easy transition into the classroom. Students can be enrolled in pre-primary education from age two and a half and are introduced to the literary model by the time they are three. Our program offers not only traditional pre-primary education but rather a hybrid program to incorporate Montessori philosophies. Our Pre-Primary In-Charge is an expert in Montessori and fully incorporates Montessori learning into our early childhood education program. Our program is therefore a great way to give our students the “head start” they need to have a successful academic career.

  • Classes Visiting Teachers and Academicians

    Classes Visiting Teachers and Academicians

    Even though we have a very strong and well-trained faculty, we are keen to expose our students to leading academic personalities from Nepal and abroad. This helps our students gain expertise from a wide range of professionals who empower and inspire them to be more sustainable and positive about the issues facing contemporary societies.

  • Service Learning

    Service Learning

    Service learning is a growing trend in education around the world. Its curriculum is based on integrating meaningful experiences of community service with instruction and reflection. By helping students navigate through their own community service projects, instructors enrich their experience further. Students learn civic responsibility and strengthen their communities by leading their own community service projects.

  • Counseling and Guidance

    Counseling and Guidance

    Suryodaya Secondary Boarding School acknowledges the fact that true education can only be imparted based on the principles of love, care, and empathy. We assist students to explore their creative and critical thinking faculties, interests, and aptitudes. Students get ample opportunities to amplify communication as well as leadership skills through various programs. Besides, a number of counseling and guidance sessions are organized on a need basis to address the academic, psychosocial, and career needs of the students.

  • Computer Education

    Computer Education

    In this current age of technology, it is of paramount importance that our students have advanced knowledge about internet-based research, web design, and an overall competence in computers. The school has a new state-of-the-art computer lab with both Windows and Linux operating systems. Furthermore, the computer lab has high-speed internet for students to use for educational purposes. We strongly believe that the mind should be conversant with technology. Computer education is therefore part of our core curriculum. The computer lab is fully equipped with excellent audio and video aids.

  • Foreign Languages

    Foreign Languages

    Suryodaya Secondary Boarding School is an English-medium school where students and teachers learn and interact with native speakers on a daily basis. English is the global language of communication, but Suryodaya also wants to give our students an opportunity to learn other widely used languages in the world. We offer French and Chinese language instruction by either native speakers or highly qualified university professors to expand the communication abilities of our students.

  • Scholarships


    Suryodaya Secondary Boarding School provides full and partial financial assistance and scholarships to deserving students. We also provide this assistance to underprivileged, gifted, and genius students, supported by benevolent people from home and abroad.

  • Students’ Clubs

    Students’ Clubs

    As part of providing a well-rounded, worldly, and active learning education, Suryodaya Secondary Boarding School believes a variety of student-based clubs provide a great opportunity for our students to participate in experience-based learning. One club class a week will be offered as an ECA class. This will be chosen by the student to expand their education based on their own interests. The following clubs are offered at Suryodaya Secondary Boarding School, operated by student leaders with help from our committed instructors:

    - Music and Dance Club
    - Sports Club
    - Eco Club
    - Art Club
    - Scouts
    - Quiz Club
    - Friends of the Zoo
    - Interact Club
    - Literary Club

  • Study Tours/Field Trips/Educational Excursions

    Study Tours/Field Trips/Educational Excursions

    Suryodaya Secondary Boarding School provides frequent field trips and study tours to significant local places to enhance our academic programs. Field trips not only capture the interest of our students in related academics, but they also provide an opportunity for students to experience the greatest of Nepal.

  • Yoga and the Art of Living

    Yoga and the Art of Living

    For a healthy body and a sound and peaceful life, one needs concentration and calmness of the mind, soul, and body. The school therefore gives prime importance to yoga and meditation practice, especially in relation to our students’ spirituality in the modern world of materialism. We want students to be inclusive of the values and beliefs of all of humanity while still being aware of the values central to life in Nepal. These activities help students reflect on what the ultimate goal in life should be.

  • Art: Painting and Portrayals

    Art: Painting and Portrayals

    Creativity is at the root of all intellectual pursuits. By encouraging exploration in art, we are expanding the students’ imaginations. Students learn how to express their own ideas through their own process of creation and through thought-provoking examples of art.

  • Dance, Music, and Drama

    Dance, Music, and Drama

    At Suryodaya Secondary Boarding School, our students have the privilege of participating in dance, music, and drama. Gifted children thrive in an environment where they get inspired to express their talent in these fields. Dance, music, and drama are artistic mediums of cultural expression and are useful for learning Nepali identity as well as other cultures.

  • Physical Education and Sports

    Physical Education and Sports

    A sound body equals a sound mind. We believe in the total education of our students bodies and minds. Suryodaya Secondary Boarding School offers instructed physical activities including basketball, football, badminton, cricket, table tennis, taekwondo, and swimming.

  • Library


    We have an extensive library to facilitate and encourage our students in research and textual learning. Suryodaya Secondary Boarding School also uses the library to encourage healthy and regular reading habits in our students.

  • Science Lab

    Science Lab

    The school has a fully equipped science lab. The regular practical classes keep our children competitive in a world that is increasingly reliant on science and technology.

  • Classrooms


    The school has new, well-equipped classrooms that are insulated for a year-round comfortable learning environment. Each classroom has many windows, supplying natural light year-round.

  • Transportation


    Suryodaya Secondary Boarding School provides transportation to our students from different parts of the Kathmandu Valley. We have a number of comfortable and safe vehicles to fulfill our students transport needs with comfortable seats and primary care.

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